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Sayles, S.

KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc., Houston, Texas

Shale oil characterization optimizes refining process

KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.: Sayles, S.

The abundance of shale oils is an unexpected gift for US refiners. These new crude oils have different characteristics from conventional oils that will affect refining processes and the operation of p..

Case history: Characterization of shale oils and heat exchanger performance

KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.: Sayles, S.  |  Romero, S.

LTOs are paraffinic, low in asphaltenes but high in filterable solids. Understanding the impact of these mechanisms can shed light on preheat exchanger performance and the prediction of fouling rates.

Understand differences between thermal and hydrocracking

KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.: Sayles, S.  |  Romero, S.

Successful operation and product yields are controlled by reactions at the molecular level

Upgrade FCC-feed hydrotreating

KBC: Bailor, J.
KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.: Sayles, S.

New study indicates that optimized pretreatment of FCC streams can yield clean, direct blending streams for gasoline and diesel

Clean fuels: What are the issues?

KBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.: Ohmes, R.  |  Sayles, S.

Critical hurdles such as testing and supply distribution must be resolved as part of new fuel mandates

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