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Song, D.

PetroChina Harbin Petrochemical Co., Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

Dayong Song is the Deputy General Manager of PetroChina Harbin Petrochemical Co. Ltd. He has 25 yr of refinery experience and specializes in refinery product quality improvements, such as gasoline olefins and sulfur reduction, and octane enhancement. He holds a BE degree in chemical engineering from the China University of Petroleum–Beijing and an ME degree from the Harbin Institute of Technology.

Safe and sustainable alkylation: Performance and update on composite ionic liquid alkylation technology

Well Resources Inc.: Chung, W.
Beijing Zhongshi Aojie Petroleum Technology Co.: Zhang, R.  |  Zhang, X.
PetroChina Harbin Petrochemical Co.: Song, D.

Market and regulatory factors are pressuring refiners to adopt safe and sustainable processes for the production of clean-burning and environmentally friendly fuels.

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