Beitler, C. M.

Trimeric Corp., Buda, Texas

Carrie Beitler is a senior engineer at Trimeric Corp. She has more than 17 years of process engineering experience in the natural gas, petroleum, CO2 processing and geothermal power plant H2S abatement areas. Ms. Beitler’s areas of expertise include process modeling and optimization of unit operations, development of process design packages for open-art technology (such as caustic scrubbers, acid gas injection units, glycol dehydrators and amine units), process screening studies and cost estimation for various industries, plant operating and troubleshooting, and regulatory compliance. She earned a BS degree in chemical engineering from Purdue University.

Specifying internals in sour water strippers—Part 1

A sour water stripper (SWS) system is a common process in petroleum refineries and other processes where hydrogen sulfide is present.

Alternatives to flare gas recovery for sour refinery flare gas

For many sour gas streams present in a flare header, less expensive options than flare gas recovery may exist. The compressors, liquids management, downstream treating and other systems required for flare gas recovery (FGR) can be expensive to install and/or operate reliably. Some refineries allow the flaring of sweet gases.

Use glycerol to dehydrate supercritical carbon dioxide

Beitler, C. M., Fisher, K., Lundeen, J., Trimeric Corp.; Swadener, M., Denbury Resources Inc.

This technology increases hydrocarbon recovery

When is CO2 more hazardous than H2S

Beitler, C. M., Fisher, K., McIntush, K., Lundeen, J., Trimeric Corp.; Tyndall, K., Pastor, Behling & Wheeler LLC

Data shows potential harmful effects to workers due to acid gas exposure

Consider improved scrubbing designs for acid gases

Beitler, C. M., Fisher, K., Mamrosh, D. L., Trimeric Corp.; Stem, S., Montana Refining Co.

Better application of process chemistry enables efficient sulfur abatement