Acid Gas Removal

What are the benefits from mass transfer rate-based simulation?

Weiland, R., Hatcher, N. A., Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.

Models are highly detailed and predictive

Use glycerol to dehydrate supercritical carbon dioxide

Beitler, C. A. M., Fisher, K., Lundeen, J., Trimeric Corp.; Swadener, M., Denbury Resources Inc.

This technology increases hydrocarbon recovery

HP Innovations: HPInnovations

Foam provides effective thermal insulationBASF’s specialty foam Basotect is now used for the first time to insulate pipes in a liquefied natural gas (LNG) tank terminal in Gwangyang, Korea. The p..

Is your antifoam compatible with the amine system?

Atash Jameh, A., Sarkhoon & Qeshm Gas Treating Company; Mokhatab, S., Consultant; Gharaghoosh, A. Z., Shazadeh, A. G., Sarkhoon and Qeshm Gas Treating Company

Several options help minimize operation costs and mitigate unscheduled shutdowns

The ultimate path to H2S-free gas

Liu, Z., Chia, B., GTC Technology US, LLC

Advanced technologies offer competitive advantages over traditional methods

Consider becoming more familiar with the wet gas scrubbing process

Kunz, R. G., RGK Environmental Consulting, LLC

New ways to calculate adiabatic saturation temperature

Low-pressure absorption of CO2 from flue gas

Tellini, M., Centola, P., Politecnico di Milano

Case study accomplished 95% sequestration using methyldiethanolamine aqueous solution

HP Innovations: HPInnovations

Product line extended on process gas compressors API 618Burckhardt Compression introduced its extended range of process gas compressors, enabling the company to offer a cost-effective compressor solut..

Purvin & Gertz releases global petroleum market outlook

Purvin & Gertz announces the release of its Global Petroleum Market Outlook 2011. The study provides an in-depth analysis of global and regional markets for crude oil and refined products within a framework of world energy demand and economic activity through 2030.

Improving pH control mitigates corrosion in crude units

Equipment and pipe failures can be avoided through better desalting practices and inhibitor injections