Acid Gas Removal

Largest hydrocracker in China

Romanow, Stephany, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Refiners are leveraging hydrocracking to respond to momentum in global dieselization, with crude prices forcing refiners to process distressed crudes and difficult feedstock.

HPI major events and trends, 1920s to present

1920s: THE FORMATION OF THE MODERN HPIDuring this period, a new industry was evolving focused on the refining of crude oil into fuels and other products. New demand for crude oil-based products, such ..

HP Innovations: HPInnovations

Linde debuts hydrogen for fuel-cell vehiclesThe Linde Group’s hydrogen (H2) for fuel-cell vehicles—a byproduct of biodiesel production at Linde’s pilot plant in Leuna, Germany—rece..

Improve seal designs for ‘dirty’ services

Bloch, Heinz P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff; Grove, T., AESSEAL plc

Amid regulatory legislation issues, a compliance strategy can drive solutions to optimize reliability of rotating equipment.

Control DEA corrosion in a gas refinery

Atash Jameh, A., Sarkhoon & Qeshm Gas Treating Company; Gharaghoosh, A. Z., Sarkhoon and Qeshm Gas Treating Company; Rashidfarokhi, A. R., Sarkhoon & Qeshm Gas Treating Co.,; Pakshir, M., Paydar, M. H., Shiraz University

Corrosion inhibitor selection and protective scales are key to prevention

HP Insight: The HPI uses technology when solving global problems

Research and development (R&D) has been the platform to support new methods to process transportation fuels and petrochemical products from hydrocarbons. So, how much of the R&D was just straight rese..

Reduce CO2 in acid gas from amine-based TGTUs

Spooner, B., Derakhshan, F., Sulphur Experts

Improve furnace temperature and sulfur recovery

Global oil, gas leaders see higher 2012 spending as industry confidence rises - poll

Oil and gas industry leaders have forecast improved performance and higher levels of capital expenditure in 2012 despite concerns over global economic instability, according to a new report on the future of the sector. North America is emerging as the area with the greatest opportunities in 2012, the poll shows.

Overcome challenges in treating shale gases

Weiland, R., Hatcher, N. A., Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.

Manipulating process plant parameters helps meet pipeline specifications

Select optimal schemes for gas processing plants

Khorsand Movaghar, M., Maleki, M., Energy Industries Engineering and Design Consultant Company (EIED)

With careful analysis, meet product requirements and environmental standards