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Crude oil

New DNV survey highlights oil and gas sector paradox

The latest DNV survey, “The Paradox of Petroleum—How the oil and gas sector is transforming through uncertainty,” gathered insights from nearly 450 senior oil and gas professionals to examine rapidly evolving trends and the near-term outlook for the sector.

Venezuela resorts to dark fleet to supply oil to ally Cuba

Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA has begun using tankers that navigate off radar to supply its closest political ally, Cuba, as a fleet of state-owned vessels that have historically covered the route dwindles.

Oil prices push higher as demand expectations offset dollar strength

Oil prices edged up on Monday on the prospect of strong summer fuel demand and rising geopolitical tensions outweighed the effects of a stronger dollar.

Nigeria's Dangote Refinery accuses oil majors of blocking local crude purchase

An executive of the Dangote Refinery said on Sunday oil majors were blocking its access to locally produced crude oil by selling it above market price or claiming it was unavailable, forcing the company to rely on expensive imports.

Mexico's new Pemex refinery still needs important work, is far from ready

Mexican state energy company Pemex is unlikely to produce any commercially viable motor fuels at its new Olmeca refinery before the end of the year, five sources said, despite pressure that it should be ready before the outgoing president's term ends.

Vietnam's Binh Son refinery signs deal to buy Bach Ho crude

Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical has signed a new contact to buy crude oil from Bach Ho field for the 2024–2027 period. The crude oil will be for the operations of its 130,000-bpd Dung Quat refinery in central Vietnam, the company said in a statement.

Hydrogen-rich content gasoline: A new concept for paraffinic gasoline reformulation

HRC Fuels: Burger, J.  |  Byrne, D.
Hoekstra Trading LLC: Hoekstra, G.

Several refiners are evaluating a new gasoline-formulation technology called hydrogen (H2)-rich-content (HRC) gasoline. This patented technology uses low-sulfur, H2-rich refinery blendstocks like straight-run gasoline, isomerates, alkylate, butanes and renewable naphtha in gasoline blends, and adds aromatic amines (a high-octane gasoline additive) to make a drop-in specification gasoline.

A multi-objective optimization study for an integrated oil refinery-petrochemical plant—Part 2

University of Bahrain, Department of Engineering Management: Al Anazi, K. Q.  |  Shams, M.B.  |  Al Masri, H.

In this research, the integration of an oil refinery and an ethylene-producing facility was examined using a mixed-integer nonlinear programming model that prioritized maximizing ethylene and propylene production and net profit.

Global Project Data

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Nichols, Lee

Spotlight on Asia

bp to acquire full ownership of bp Bunge Bioenergia while refocusing plans for new biofuels projects

bp has agreed to acquire Bunge’s 50% holding interest in its bp Bunge Bioenergia S.A. joint venture, one of Brazil’s leading biofuels-producing companies.