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Improve integration opportunities for aromatics units—Part 2

Fluor Enterprises, Inc.: Vaidyanathan, S.  |  Zhou, J.
Apex PetroConsultants: Kapur, S.

Click here to read Improve integration opportunities for aromatics units—Part 1Reformed petroleum naphtha (reformate) is the largest source for aromatics. Integrating refineries and petroche..

HP Associations: Gastech examines natural gas potential for all sectors

Hydrocarbon Processing Staff: Thinnes, Billy

For four days in October, Hydrocarbon Processing was on call at the Gastech Conference and Exhibition in London. The magazine’s editorial staff was selected to produce the official show daily new..

South America: Argentina

IntelliChem, Inc.: Quijada, R.
Instituto Petroquimico Aregentino: Friedlander, A.
MaxiQuim Assessoria De Mercado: Carvalho, O.

For nine consecutive years (2003–2011), the Argentinean gross domestic product (GDP) continued to increase at an impressive annual rate of 7% to 8%. However, this trend was expected to change in ..

Europe: Germany

Association of the German Chemical Industry: Meincke, H.

The German chemical industry has an outstanding position inside Europe. Nearly 25% of chemical product sales in the European Union (EU) are by German chemical companies. Ranking behind China, the US a..

Asia: China

Petrochemical Research Institute, PetroChina: Fu, X.  |  Li, X.  |  Zhang, L.
PetroChina Ltd., Co: Lin, A.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced in its January 2012 “World Economic Outlook” that the global GDP growth rate was 3.8% in 2011. However, Asian-Pacific nations bucked this tren..

South America: Venezuela

IntelliChem, Inc.: Quijada, R.

Fig. 1 illustrates the annual gross domestic product (GDP) and inflation from 2006 to 2011 for Venezuela. High crude oil prices have helped domestic GDP growth, suggesting a healthy economy. &#16..

South America: Brazil

MaxiQuim Assessoria De Mercado: Carvalho, O.

Brazil’s economic improvement was remarkable over the past decade, following many years of slow growth. On average, the Brazilian gross output of goods and services increased at an annual average..

Asia: India

IOCL: George, M.  |  Mitra, S.

The Indian economy has come a long way since the 1991 economic reforms. A decade and a half of economic reform and globalization is yielding returns that cut across all income groups. The domestic eco..

Asia: Japan

IHS Markit: Yoneyama, M.

The Japanese economy showed steady recovery for 2003–2007. However, due to the global recession in late 2008, Japan’s GDP growth decreased to –1% in 2008 and to –5.5% in 2009. Due ..

Europe: United Kingdom

Economic Advisor, Chemical Industries Association (CIA): Eastwood, A.

The United Kingdom (UK) is Europe’s fourth largest chemical economy, after Germany, France and Italy. It accounts for 8% of the European Union’s (EU’s) $900 billion overall chemical pro..