Colling, C.

BP AMOCO, Naperville, Illinois

Craig Colling has more than 22 yr of experience in refining and petrochemicals. He is the pX Process Technology Advisor for BP Petrochemicals, where he is the lead technical authority for BP pX Technology, including BP operations and third-party licensing (through CB&I). Dr. Colling has been responsible for advancements in the areas of crystallization, heat recovery and pX separations. He also has experience in startup and support of pX operations, including the recent commissioning of Reliance Industries Ltd.’s pX plant in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. Dr. Colling holds a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan. He also holds seven patents, and is a member of AIChE.

Maximizing energy efficiency in paraxylene production—Part 1

Colling, C., BP AMOCO

Due to reduced margins, higher energy costs and rising atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) content, energy efficiency has never been more important in refining and petrochemicals.