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An operations reference model for common refinery operations
Brandl, D., BR&L Consulting Inc.; Turk, M. A., Schneider Electric

Refineries are large, highly automated, complex systems involving hundreds of people, thousands of work processes, thousands of control loops and tens of thousands of input/output points.

Catalytic advances make chemical upgrading a reality for heavy sour feeds

For many years, industry researchers have worked to find more cost-effective alternative processes than traditional hydroprocessing for upgrading petroleum fractions.

Syngas from H2S and CO2: An alternative, pioneering synthesis route?
Manenti, G., Alfa Laval Olmi SpA; Molinari, L., KT-Kinetics Technology SpA; Manenti, F., Politecnico di Milano

Hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide represent major concerns for the hydrocarbon industry. Both species are contaminants and, since their use as feedstock is minor, are considered troubling byproducts.

How small deviations and lack of management access compromise reliability
Bloch, H. P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

In 2013, Refinery “X” was experiencing serious pump distress—the third or fourth in a 12-month period. We received calls about the latest thrust bearing failure event on this important 3,560-rpm process pump. Soon after, a surprisingly similar incident happened at Refinery “Y” in 2015. Both incidents are considered here.

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Industry Metrics: US, Asian fuel markets recover while European margins fall
HP Editorial Staff, HP Editorial Staff  |  May 2016

US refinery margins recovered as product markets were supported by strong domestic gasoline demand and temporarily tight sentiment fueled by the switch to summer-grade gasoline. In Europe, the lack of..

Global refining margins help lift crude oil prices
HP News Services, HP Editorial Staff  |  April 2016

By John KempLONDON, April 20 (Reuters) -- Global refining margins have improved significantly in recent weeks, which should support strong demand for crude and lend some strength to both spot prices a..

Industry Metrics: US, international product markets show weakness
Hydrocarbon Processing, HP Editorial Staff  |  April 2016

US product markets weakened despite strong domestic gasoline demand. Gasoline crack spreads lost ground due to oversupply and rising inventories. European markets were impacted by the lack of export o..

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Construction Boxscore: Project Spotlight
Project: Monkey Island Export Terminal Project
Location: Monkey Island, Louisiana
Operator: SCT&E LNG
Cost: $6.9 B
Capacity: 12 MMtpy
Completion date: 2022
Status: FEED
Project: Belmont County Ethane Cracker Project
Location: Belmont County, Ohio
Operator: PTT-Marubeni
Cost: $5 B
Capacity: 1 MMtpy
Completion date: 4Q 2019
Status: FEED