SABIC and ExxonMobil evaluating petrochemical JV on US Gulf Coast

SABIC and an affiliate of Exxon Mobil Corp. are considering the potential development of a jointly owned petrochemical complex on the US Gulf Coast.

Iran says fire at Bu Ali Sina petrochemical complex contained

A fire that broke out at Iran's Bu Ali Sina petrochemical refinery complex has been contained with no casualties.

Catalyst replacement strategy for a hydrocracking unit at a Middle East refinery

A Saudi Aramco refinery operates a series-flow, single-stage hydrocracking unit (HU) in a recycle high-conversion mode. The HU has been in operation for over 35 years and is being debottlenecked to increase its throughput by 20%.

Optimize isomerization reactor temperatures and component RON

N. Toraman, K. Kahraman, TÜPRAŞ-Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corp.; P. Billings, O. Sabitov, Honeywell UOP

Isomerate is useful because it is paraffinic and contains no benzene, aromatics or sulfur. This pentane and hexane fraction of crude oil is known as light naphtha. The main objective of reactions is to increase the research octane number (RON) of the components. Decreasing fuel consumption without changing the product RON of isomerization units is discussed here.

Syngas from H2S and CO2: An alternative, pioneering synthesis route?

Manenti, G., Alfa Laval Olmi SpA; Molinari, L., KT-Kinetics Technology SpA; Manenti, F., Politecnico di Milano

Hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide represent major concerns for the hydrocarbon industry. Both species are contaminants and, since their use as feedstock is minor, are considered troubling byproducts.


Rhodes, Michael, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Amec Foster Wheeler Plc named Halliburton executive Dr. Jonathan Lewis as chief executive officer (CEO), effective June 1.

Secure the best benefits from C4 hydrocarbon processing—Part 1: Separation sequences

Streich, T., Kömpel, H., Geng, J., Renger, M., thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG

Crude C4 streams from the steam cracker unit or the fluidized catalytic cracker unit contain valuable hydrocarbons, such as butadiene and C4 olefins.

Trestle Energy and Larksen partner to reduce CO2 from ethanol and coal power

Fuel pathway management platform will enable ethanol producers to substantially reduce their fuel carbon intensity and facilitate the cost-effective use of biomass fuel pellets at existing power plants.

GlobalData: Planned projects poised to raise global propylene capacity levels

China and the US are the primary drivers for expanded global capacity that is estimated to increase to almost 130 MMtpy by 2020.

LUKOIL and SNF Floerger break ground for Russia polymer plant

The plant will be constructed in close proximity to LUKOIL's petrochemical facility to reduce costs for transportation of feedstock and end products.