Process Optimization

Utilize genetic programming to develop new point efficiency correlation

Kasiri, N., Jouybanpour, P., Iran University of Science and Technology; Reza Ehsani, M., Isfahan University of Technology

Distillation is one of the most used separation operations in the chemical and petroleum industries.

Distillation—Then and now

Gentry, J. C., Bhargava, M., GTC Technology US LLC; Binkley, M. J., GTC Process Equipment Technology

Distillation is the most often used means to separate two or more components, exploiting the physical properties of different boiling points.

Choose the most appropriate modeling approach for reactors

Jain, A. A., Gupta, A., Reliance Industries Ltd.

The efficient operation and design of any reactor depends on the know-how regarding the chemical reaction and the hydrodynamics inside the reactor.

Analyze abnormal operations of an HDS reactor loop with dynamic simulation

Garcia, O., Shipman, R., Tong, C., Palmer, R. E., Wood Group Mustang

Hydrodesulfurization units are used in a petroleum refinery to process a variety of feeds to alter composition via the addition of hydrogen.

Utilize an optimizer to blend gasoline directly to ships

Scriven, W., Martin, A., Seiver, D. S., Valero Energy Corp.

A new control system and single-blend optimization system make it possible to blend gasoline directly into tanker ships for delivery, rather than only into tanks, thereby saving millions in capital and reducing product giveaway.

Syngas from H2S and CO2: An alternative, pioneering synthesis route?

Manenti, G., Alfa Laval Olmi SpA; Molinari, L., KT-Kinetics Technology SpA; Manenti, F., Politecnico di Milano

Hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide represent major concerns for the hydrocarbon industry. Both species are contaminants and, since their use as feedstock is minor, are considered troubling byproducts.

Secure the best benefits from C4 hydrocarbon processing—Part 1: Separation sequences

Streich, T., Kömpel, H., Geng, J., Renger, M., thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG

Crude C4 streams from the steam cracker unit or the fluidized catalytic cracker unit contain valuable hydrocarbons, such as butadiene and C4 olefins.

Mitsubishi Plastics selects Jacobs as engineer on US plant expansion

Under the terms of the agreement, Jacobs is providing engineering services for the $100 million investment, which includes installation of a polyester film production line.

Engineering unit of China’s CNPC to build first refinery in Cambodia

Northeast Refining and Chemical Engineering Co.(CNPCNE) is scheduled to complete building the first phase of the project of 2 MMtpy, or about 40,000 bpd by 2018, Xinhua said.

Apply a short-term, high-temperature carbon steel solution to piping systems

Tiwari, V., Chowdry, M., Reliance Engineering Group (REG)

Carbon steel (CS) piping and equipment are used extensively in refineries and petrochemical plants, where fluid temperatures vary from moderate to high for various processes.