Process Optimization

Honeywell and Flowserve collaborate on IIoT solutions

Honeywell and Flowserve will collaborate to provide Industrial Internet of Things solutions to help industrial customers make their operations, safer, more efficient and more reliable.

Siemens temperature measuring system lengthens plant life, improves product quality

Siemens’ Sitrans TO500 enables complex temperature measurements and detection of the precise position of critical overtemperatures.

Emerson targets $1 T in industry losses with Operational Certainty program

Emerson has launched its Operational Certainty program to help industrial companies achieve top performance and recover more than $1 T in operational losses globally.

Schneider Electric acquires Applied Instrument Technologies

Schneider Electric has acquired Applied Instrument Technologies, a provider of online process analyzers for the hydrocarbon, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and steel-making industries.

Honeywell’s Assurance 360 service program protects industrial plants

Honeywell Process Solutions is helping industrial manufacturing plants around the world maximize uptime and reduce operating costs through its innovative Assurance 360 services program.

Rockwell Automation acquires Maverick Technologies

Rockwell Automation, Inc. has acquired leading systems integrator Maverick Technologies to expand domain knowledge and help deliver innovative control and information solutions to customers in industries such as oil and gas, chemical and food and beverage.

Yokogawa develops process data analytics software for the early detection of production quality issues

Yokogawa Electric Corp. has developed Process Data Analytics, an application program that can detect a decline in quality or productivity at an early stage of the manufacturing process by analyzing process data, facility status information, operation history, and other data.

Neste Jacobs to analyze energy efficiency to Borealis Porvoo site

Technology, engineering and project management company Neste Jacobs and Borealis have signed an agreement for Neste Jacobs to perform an energy screening for all production units at Borealis’ site in Porvoo, Finland.

Lessons learned in commercial scale-up of new chemical processes

Jazayeri, B., Reacxion

Commercializing a new chemical process can be as simple as installing one or more homogenous batch reactor(s), or as complex as designing a fully integrated chemical complex requiring one or more heterogeneous reaction steps processing gas, liquid and/or solids, with other units required to prepare feeds, recover products/byproducts and recycle streams.

The effect of various parameters on tray point efficiency

Kasiri, N., Jouybanpour, P., Iran University of Science and Technology; Reza Ehsani, M., Isfahan University of Technology

Distillation as a volatilities-based process is used to separate components of a mixture to a liquid phase richer in less volatile components, and a vapor phase richer in more volatile components.