Maintenance & Reliability

Reliability: Overcome biases and challenges facing industry

Bloch, H. P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

When asked about the challenges facing the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI), our answer was swift and direct: The trials we face are bundled, or can be found, in lessons some of us learned decades ago. However, lessons learned and explained decades ago were often disregarded by managers with a short-range focus.


Andrew, Bob, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Unintended fugitive emissions from pressurized plant components have long been a key concern for operators as well as regulators.

Improve refinery compressor performance with a reengineered rotor

de Koning, B., Sulzer Rotterdam Service Center

When a scheduled maintenance task at a refinery in Germany revealed the need for a new rotor assembly, working with local independent specialists enabled the team responsible to improve the design and performance of the compressor without further interruption to service.

How small deviations and lack of management access compromise reliability

Bloch, H. P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

In 2013, Refinery “X” was experiencing serious pump distress—the third or fourth in a 12-month period. We received calls about the latest thrust bearing failure event on this important 3,560-rpm process pump. Soon after, a surprisingly similar incident happened at Refinery “Y” in 2015. Both incidents are considered here.

Take steps to achieve lubrication maintainability

Barnes, M., Des-Case Corp.

Do not accept that what the OEM delivered, or how the equipment has been configured for the past 30 years, must be maintained into the future. Optimize yourPM program and look for maintainability improvements to ensure that the right work can be performed in the right way and at the right time.

Failure prevention—The ultimate asset management strategy

Snider, B., Small Hammer Inc.

The primary cause for losses and lost opportunities at refineries, chemical complexes, pipeline networks and gas processing facilities is equipment failures.

Editorial Comment: Maintenance spending to jump in 2016 as refiners catch up with turnarounds

Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The number of scheduled refinery turnarounds in North America is anticipated to rise this year after declining sharply in 2015, as refiners delayed maintenance shutdowns to capitalize on abundant quantities of low-priced feedstock.

Reliability: Principles are more important than strategies

Bloch, H. P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

A number of US oil refineries have recently asked the question, “When should an equipment repair be classified as rework?”

Reliability: Transform ODR-OPPM into a worthwhile initiative

Bloch, H. P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

ODR, which stands for operator-driven reliability, has recently morphed into a new arrangement of letters: OPPM.

Codes and Standards: How much fireproofing do we need?

Murti, D. G., The Augustus Group

This article is the first under the Codes and Standards series. The purpose of this series is to make readers aware of code requirements, the interpretations and the limitations as they stand today, and what engineers can do as an alternative engineering. This series is based on the actual implementation of what is narrated and the satisfactory experiences drawn.