Maintenance & Reliability

AIChE ’17: 13th Global Congress on Process Safety

Andrew, Bob, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

SAN ANTONIO -- Run in parallel with the AIChE Spring Meeting, GCPS also draws a large attendance and a significant number of exhibitors. Now in San Antonio for 2017, the plenary session AGILE award keynote address was “Chemical Engineers Can Do Anything” by John Televantos of Arsenal Capital Partners.

AFPM Annual '17: Daily editions of the official conference newspaper

SAN ANTONIO -- Enclosed are digital copies of all three daily editions of the official conference newspaper of the AFPM 2017 Annual Meeting, held at the Marriott Rivercenter.

Aeromon demos drone measurement platform for emissions mapping

HELSINKI, Finland -- Aeromon, a Finnish cleantech startup that utilizes analytics platform and mobile sensors to flexibly map emissions in real-time, demonstrated the effectiveness of drone-mounted platforms for measuring industrial emissions.

A reusable sponge could ‘revolutionize’ oil spill, diesel cleanup

CHICAGO -- Scientists at the US Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory have invented a new foam, called Oleo Sponge, that can be used to clean up oil and diesel spills in water. The material not only quickly adsorbs oil from water, but also is reusable and can pull dispersed oil from the entire water column—not just the surface.

Teel Plastics utilizing Kepware connectivity platform as IoT solution

PORTLAND, Maine -- Kepware, a PTC business developing industrial connectivity software, announced today that Teel Plastics, Inc. is utilizing the IoT Gateway for the KEPServerEX platform as its Internet of Things (IoT) solution. KEPServerEX provides Teel Plastics with a single source for industrial data—enabling increased productivity and product quality, reduced human errors and downtime, and a scalable IoT strategy.

Imperial continues restart after fire, flaring expected

Imperial Sarnia continues to restart units following last week’s operational issue. As a result, visible flaring is expected to continue over the next several days.

Implement proactive asset management techniques

Natarelli, J., T.A. Cook Consultants Inc.

The drop in crude oil prices since 2014 has impacted both upstream producers and downstream players. Upstream producers—those responsible for exploration, drilling and production—were the first to feel the effects. While refining margins benefitted from the drop in crude oil pricing, they began to suffer when record surpluses of gasoline and diesel flooded the market a year later.

Expand crude diet flexibility through comprehensive oil management

Arensdorf, J., Hoffman, G., Baker Hughes

One of the primary means for refiners to boost profitability is to improve crude diet flexibility. Many refiners are challenged with increasing their margins while the quality of the global crude oil supply declines.

Enhance reliability of process pumps with lubrication management for antifriction bearings

Sahoo, T., Indian Oil Corp. Ltd.

Rolling bearings must be adequately lubricated to operate reliably and to prevent direct metal-to-metal contact between rolling elements, raceways, cages and other components. The choice of a suitable lubricant and lubrication method, and controlling contaminants, are important for improving the reliability of the machinery where these bearings are used.

EIA: Planned refinery outages through first half of 2017 not expected to affect availability

The US Energy Information Administration's (EIA) latest analysis of planned refinery outages during the first half of 2017 finds that such outages are not expected to cause a shortfall in the supply of petroleum products including gasoline, jet fuel, and distillate fuel, relative to expected demand, either nationally or within any US region. This result occurs despite the current high level of US gasoline demand, which in 2016 was as high as or higher than in any past year.