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Blue & Green Hydrogen Series: Measurement Solutions Enable Transition to Green Hydrogen
2 December 2022

As the demand for Green Hydrogen grows, so does production. For natural gas distributors and OEMs, Hydrogen presents a unique opportunity, but to be successful, they must achieve production targets. One way to create Green Hydrogen is through PEM electrolysis. Advanced measurement solutions can increase efficiency and profitability by reducing manual processes and maintenance costs. This eBook demonstrates how to overcome PEM Electrolysis challenges to help ensure safe and reliable hydrogen production.

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Blue & Green Hydrogen Series: Advanced Measurement Solutions Enhance Blue Hydrogen Production
26 October 2022

Hydrogen has an important role to play in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Currently, steam methane reforming of natural gas and other light hydrocarbons is the most common method of hydrogen production. Integrating carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions to the production process creates `blue’ hydrogen. Most of the hydrogen produced today is used in the refining and chemical markets, but as hydrogen is increasingly used as an energy source, production will need to increase significantly. This eBook demonstrates how to overcome blue hydrogen production and carbon capture challenges to maximize production output and efficiency while ensure overall profitability.

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Carbon Intel eBook: Low Carbon Solutions for the Energy Industry
19 October 2022

The Carbon Intel Forum presents the Carbon Intel eBook, a hand-picked collection of expert articles exploring carbon reduction technologies in the energy industry. The forum will feature information from the largest and most innovative players in global CCUS, with a special focus on applied and emerging CCUS and carbon reduction technologies required to achieve net-zero. Download the eBook today for a preview of low-carbon articles from the energy industry's top media.

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The Energy Transition: Technologies and processes that are evolving the HPI
7 March 2022

Hydrocarbon Processing defines "sustainability in the HPI" as the process of managing available resources, investments and technologies to maintain and optimize operations for greater safety, reliability, efficiency, and environmental and social awareness. The HPI is currently undergoing an energy transition, which includes new technologies and processes to limit carbon emissions, reduce energy intensity and boost sustainable operations. The following technical articles provide the latest advancements in the HPI's sustainable future. This eBook is a 144-page compilation of HP articles over the past 2 years.

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