aspenONE® Engineering Suite Enhances Preem’s Refinery – Saving Millions
14 February 2017

Sponsor: AspenTech 

Refineries across the globe are continually striving to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. During this webinar, learn how the Swedish company Preem saved millions through the optimization of their crude pre-heat train network at their Preemraff Lysekil refinery using the aspenONE Engineering suite of software.

Register for this webinar today and discover how they achieved:

  • Improved operational efficiency by enhanced crude pre-heat train performance
  • Increased production of high-value products
  • Sustained gains in the face of fluctuating crude quality

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn best practices from AspenTech experts that will help you and your team make the most out of process simulation technology.


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Transform refinery operations for improved profitability with RefineryWise™ - Live Webcast
14 December 2016

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

Refineries are challenged with sustaining and improving margins, and retaining knowledge from a retiring workforce. Embarking on a journey of transformation based on Refinery Digitization is imperative for improved profitability and sustainability. RefineryWise™ from Schneider Electric Industry Solutions focuses on improving refinery operations business processes and workflows. A holistic approach for the oil and gas industry, it includes performance management, technology adoption and lifecycle optimization, RefineryWise helps to improve revenue by up to 5% and lower operation costs by up to 10%. Learn how RefineryWise can be part of your business strategy to drive higher profitability. 

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HPI Market Outlook 2017: What’s Next for the Global HPI?
8 December 2016

Join the editors of Hydrocarbon Processing as they present the downstream’s most trusted industry forecast. During the webcast, hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) professionals will gain expert insight into the 2017 spending and activities of the global HPI.

During this live event, the editors will present projections for capital, maintenance and operating expenditures for the refining, petrochemicals and gas processing industries for 2017. They will highlight economic, environmental and industry trends impacting spending for the year ahead. The webcast will also include a Boxscore Construction forecast detailing refining, petrochemical and natural gas/LNG construction projects throughout the world.

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Combating Corrosion: Measuring Organic Halides in Crude Oil and LPG
30 November 2016

Sponsor: Metrohm

Corrosion in refining and petrochemical plants results in billions of dollars in annual maintenance costs. The safe processing of crude and natural gas into refined products requires all aspects of the petroleum industry to measure and control corrosion.

Organic halide-containing compounds present in refining and petrochemical processes have been linked to corrosion.  The industry guideline for organic halides in crude oil is currently set to less than 1 ppm and recent industry studies point to the need for a more precise method than the current ASTM method 4929 to measure organic chloride in crude oil.

Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) is an excellent technique to measure organic halides in crude oil and LPG and work is underway to develop an improved test method. This webinar will help you understand the corrosive effects of organic halide containing compounds and how CIC is used to measure these corrosion-inducing compounds in crude oil and petroleum products.

What you will learn:

  • Why it is important to measure organic halides
  • Choosing the right instrument and configuration to measure organic halides
  • Sample preparation and the influence on organic chloride measurement.

Who should attend?

  • Oil producers
  • Pipeline operators
  • Refinery analysts
  • Corrosion engineers
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Using a Cloud-based service to monitor, predict, and improve plant performance
17 November 2016

Sponsor: Honeywell UOP

Live Webcast: 04:00 PM Malaysia Time

Imagine having the right insights to adjust the multitude of operating conditions at your facility to achieve peak performance every day – preventing downtime, underperforming assets and human capital challenges. Connected Performance Services by Honeywell UOP are cloud-based services leveraging UOP knowledge and insights that help you do just that. Register now for our free, live webcast to learn more.

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BPA Worldwide 101
27 October 2016

Transparency and third-party verification are best practices of trusted media brands. This webinar will address the value of audited media, walk through the BPA Brand Report, and tools available to media buyers and advertisers

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Optimizing Hydrocracking Units in Challenging Market Environments
26 October 2016

Sponsor: Honeywell UOP

Refiners today are faced with challenging market environments and feed processing variability, while delivering high-quality products and maintaining economic returns. Operational optimization of existing assets to meet these challenges are paramount to a refiner’s success. Vern Mallet, senior principal hydroprocessing technical specialist at Honeywell UOP, will discuss optimizing existing hydrocracking units by providing catalytic and process solutions for improved flexibility based on economic parameters. Brenna Huovie, senior product line manager for hydrotreating catalysts at Honeywell UOP, will provide more insights into catalytic options with a particular focus on the role of hydrotreating catalysts in hydrocracking units.

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Unified Engineering - An Analyst Perspective on the Current and Future Direction of Simulation Technologies
20 October 2016

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

With the volatility of oil prices and much trepidation, many industrial process manufacturers are unwilling to invest in new capital intensive projects and facilities. The pendulum has swung toward optimization of existing facilities and "sweating the current assets".  New approaches, tools, expectations, and platforms are paving the way for the next-generation of process engineers. ARC Advisory Group will share current process simulation market dynamics,  trends and drivers impacting workers, engineers, and operations.

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