Optimizing Hydrocracking Units in Challenging Market Environments
26 October 2016

Sponsor: Honeywell UOP

Refiners today are faced with challenging market environments and feed processing variability, while delivering high-quality products and maintaining economic returns. Operational optimization of existing assets to meet these challenges are paramount to a refiner’s success. Vern Mallet, senior principal hydroprocessing technical specialist at Honeywell UOP, will discuss optimizing existing hydrocracking units by providing catalytic and process solutions for improved flexibility based on economic parameters. Brenna Huovie, senior product line manager for hydrotreating catalysts at Honeywell UOP, will provide more insights into catalytic options with a particular focus on the role of hydrotreating catalysts in hydrocracking units.

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Unified Engineering - An Analyst Perspective on the Current and Future Direction of Simulation Technologies
20 October 2016

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

With the volatility of oil prices and much trepidation, many industrial process manufacturers are unwilling to invest in new capital intensive projects and facilities. The pendulum has swung toward optimization of existing facilities and "sweating the current assets".  New approaches, tools, expectations, and platforms are paving the way for the next-generation of process engineers. ARC Advisory Group will share current process simulation market dynamics,  trends and drivers impacting workers, engineers, and operations.

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Adaptive Modeling for Shifting Process Conditions
11 October 2016

Sponsor: AspenTech

Operating conditions change. To maintain maximum profitability, APC applications must change with them. Due to differential challenges, the traditional method of step-test, model, and then deploy is burdensome, often insurmountably so. Fortunately, with AspenTech’s calibrate mode and the online adaptive modeling tools, inconsistencies between the plant and the model can quickly be identified, corrected, and deployed without additional step-testing or disrupting operations. Rather than exclusively utilizing gain-multipliers, the time-constant is updated as well, providing better dynamic controller behavior. With better dynamic control, the application more readily maintains steady-state targets and rejects disturbances, resulting in higher controller uptime and greater profitability.

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Turning benchmarking outcomes into business results
6 October 2016
Sponsor: Shell Global Solutions

Join us to learn how your benchmarking data can create manageable, measurable business results through gap analysis.

  • Are you investing many work-hours in generating data but not seeing a return?
  • Do you have little time to analyze the data and make improvements?
  • Does identifying performance gaps and setting targets seem daunting?
  • Do you want to deliver real value to your refinery or gas operations and add to your bottom line?
In this difficult, lower-for-longer oil price environment, refiners must extract every dollar per barrel to survive and thrive. Our speakers are passionate about performance improvement and have been using gap analysis to uncover opportunities and improve business performance for Shell and third-party facilities for over a decade.

Register to learn how to make your benchmarking data work for you. We will:
  • Explain the performance improvement process of turning benchmarking data into deliverables;
  • Demonstrate the benefits of a holistic approach.
  • Highlight areas to address for closing gaps and improving margins quickly;
  • Highlight common pitfalls;
  • Share Examples
Get involved by steering the content. Tell us on the registration form if there are other areas you would like us to cover so we can make this webcast even more relevant to you.

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Boxscore Construction Activity Webcast
29 September 2016

Global downstream construction continues to thrive. This webcast will highlight current trends in the refining, gas processing and petrochemical industries around the globe. This includes a detailed breakdown of active and new project construction numbers by region, sector, and status; growing regions of activity; leaders in the industry; and the future of downstream construction activity moving forward.

As new opportunities emerge in the global HPI, Hydrocarbon Processing’s Construction Boxscore Database aims to give companies the tools and perspective to recognize market trends and win new business. The global HPI is more competitive than ever. By providing timely, accurate information about current projects, Hydrocarbon Processing’s Construction Boxscore Database provides subscribers with actionable insight that they can apply towards their own market research, budgeting and planning.

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Using a Cloud-based service to monitor, predict, and improve plant performance
28 September 2016

Sponsor: Honeywell UOP

Imagine having the right insights to adjust the multitude of operating conditions at your facility to achieve peak performance every day – preventing downtime, underperforming assets and human capital challenges. Connected Performance Services by Honeywell UOP are cloud-based services leveraging UOP knowledge and insights that help you do just that. Register now for our free, live webcast to learn more.

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Bottom-of-the-Barrel Vessels: Cleaning Best Practices
22 September 2016

Sponsor: ZymeFlow Decon Technology

Bottom-of-the-barrel units are historically some of the most difficult units to clean during a turnaround or outage. Over the years there have been no real advancements in solutions to reduce tars, hardened coke, asphalt deposits, or phenol heavy ends. Many facilities resort to opening the vessel and performing large amounts of mechanical removal. As more of these units have gone into production to capitalize on opportunity crudes, the problem has only worsened.

Common industry solutions will be reviewed before introducing next generation best practices. An emphasis will be put on time savings, reduction in mechanical cleaning requirements, and suitable applications. Several case studies will be presented including a coker unit TAR that processes heavy Venezuelan crude.

  • Comparison of standard bottom-of-the-barrel cleaning techniques
  • Introduction of next generations best practices using proprietary chemistry
  • Technology application review: packed coke conditioning, heat exchanger efficiency
    improvement, bottom of the barrel processing units
  • Case studies including coker unit TAR processing heavy Venezuelan crude
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Transform refinery operations for improved profitability with RefineryWise™
20 September 2016

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

Refineries are challenged with sustaining and improving margins, and retaining knowledge from a retiring workforce. Embarking on a journey of transformation based on Refinery Digitization is imperative for improved profitability and sustainability. RefineryWise™ from Schneider Electric Industry Solutions focuses on improving refinery operations business processes and workflows. A holistic approach for the oil and gas industry, it includes performance management, technology adoption and lifecycle optimization, RefineryWise helps to improve revenue by up to 5% and lower operation costs by up to 10%. Learn how RefineryWise can be part of your business strategy to drive higher profitability. 

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