Environment & Safety

Several injured, some missing after explosion at BASF German chemical plant

At least two people died and six were severely injured in an explosion and fire at chemicals maker BASF's biggest production site in Germany.

EPA fines Eco Services Corp. for sulfur dioxide leak

The EPA has reached a settlement with Eco Services Operations Corp., located in Carson, Calif., for violations of federal laws related to a large release of 65,049 pounds of sulfur dioxide in 2013.

Monitor medium-voltage switchgear in refineries

Murray, J., Emerson Process Management

When medium-voltage switchgear (MVS) in a refinery fails, it can force a process unit or even an entire refinery to shut down.


Andrew, Bob, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Where large machines are in use and the overall processes depend on a smoothly functioning plant, companies often rely on fixed maintenance schedules and diagnostic tools.

Emerson to acquire UK-based Permasense Ltd.

Emerson has agreed to acquire UK-based Permasense Ltd., a provider of non-intrusive corrosion monitoring technologies for heavy industries, including refining, chemical, and pipelines.

Wika reduces risk of undetected diaphragm ruptures

Wika’s PG43SA-D diaphragm pressure gauge is unique in featuring an integrated diaphragm monitoring and eliminates the risk of an undetected diaphragm rupture.

Southeastern US Colonial pipeline safely restarted

Colonial Pipeline Co. said its main gasoline line, Line 1, was safely restarted and returned to service Wednesday after its biggest leak in nearly two decades squeezed supply in the southeastern US.

EIA: Colonial pipeline shutdown disrupts gasoline supply in the southeast

A partial shutdown of the Colonial pipeline system, a major source of transportation fuels to the Southeast, has disrupted gasoline supplies, leading to higher prices and product shortages in parts of the region.

Callidus Technologies inaugurates flare testing facility

Callidus Technologies has inaugurated a new facility for the testing of gas combustion flares at its manufacturing facility in Beggs, Oklahoma.

Petrobras halts output at Getulio Vargas refinery

Brazil's state-controlled oil company Petróleo Brasileiro SA said that output at its Getulio Vargas refinery had been halted, because of storm damage to a cracking unit.