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Operations at Venezuela oil terminal 'recovered' after oil spill

CARACAS (Reuters) -- Shipping operations at one of three docks of Venezuela's main crude exporting port have "recovered" after a "minor" oil spill occurred over the weekend, state oil company PDVSA said on Wednesday, without saying how big the spill was.

Operations at Venezuelan oil terminal halted by spill

(Reuters) -- Shipping operations at one of three docks of Venezuela's main crude exporting port were halted after an oil spill occurred while loading a vessel bound for India, union and shipping sources told Reuters on Tuesday.

IEA: France’s energy transition is vital for energy security

In its latest country review of energy policies, the International Energy Agency (IEA) praised France for setting in motion significant reforms towards more secure, affordable and sustainable energy supplies and the green growth of its economy.

ADNOC to improve energy efficiency by 10% by 2020

ABU DHABI, UAE – The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) announced, today, it plans to introduce measures that will increase energy efficiencies by 10% by 2020. The energy efficiency strategy will reduce ADNOC’s gas consumption by 156 MMcf/d, saving a total of $1 billion by 2020.

Colonial Pipeline shuts stubline to Nashville on suspected leak

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Colonial Pipeline Co's gasoline line between Atlanta and Nashville, called Line 19, remained shut on Monday after it was closed on Sunday after a possible spill, a company spokeswoman said on Monday.

5th Circuit enforces six-month time limit on OSHA violations

(Reuters) -- A federal appeals court overturned workplace safety sanctions against a Texas oil refinery, ruling that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration cannot penalize employers for violations of a chemical safety rule that happened more than six months earlier.

Commercialization of pyrolysis oil in existing refineries—Part 1

Arbogast, S., Bellman, D., Paynter, D., Wykowski, J., AOTA Energy Consultants LLC

In Part 1 of this article, the incentives and information needed to relax the constraints of being O2-free are outlined. The authors hope that this perspective provides new directions for improving the economics of using pyoil to produce advanced biofuels (ABFs).

Viewpoint: Leadership commitment for safety and sustainability

Dutta, H., Gupta, L. K., Maji, S., Essar Oil Ltd.

Management commitment is an essential ingredient for building a healthy organizational safety culture. To achieve this objective, management must provide adequate resources, along with unstinted support and direction.

Shift to gas: A contribution on the path to sustainability

Koenig, E., Schneider Electric

The COP21 event left the world with new mandates to develop and implement low-emissions energy sources to power the global economy. To limit global warming, the world must increase the use of resources like natural gas, which offers a quick, relatively clean and inexpensive interim step in the global transition from high-emissions resources to renewable energy sources.

Control design for steam vent noise in refineries

Chadha, V., Bhandari, S., Virdi, P., Bechtel Corp.

Noise pollution in oil refineries has a direct effect on worker health. Noise is the unwanted or undesirable sound produced by process control equipment, which includes valves.