Environment & Safety

Iraq completes repairs at Basra oil jetty, loading operations resume

BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) -- Repair work at a Basra oil jetty damaged by a tanker collision last month were completed on Sunday, two officials at state-run South Oil Company told Reuters on Monday.

Nitrous gases briefly released at BASF plant after breakdown

BERLIN (Reuters) -- German chemicals company BASF said it had shut down one of its facilities at its main Ludwigshafen site after a breakdown at the facility led to a brief release of nitrous gases (NOx).

China's Sinopec says fire at rubber warehouse has been put out

BEIJING (Reuters) -- Sinopec Corp said on Thursday that a fire in a warehouse at a petrochemical and refining complex in southern China operated by one of its subsidiaries was put out at 2:20 pm local time and had not affected production.

Brazil's black market pipeline: Gangs hijack Petrobras' oil, fuel

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) -- In September, police investigating a wave of killings in the northern Rio de Janeiro suburbs followed a tip to the isolated scrubland near the massive Duque de Caxias oil refinery.

Industry Perspectives: What is the solution to comply with the IMO’s Global Sulfur Cap regulation?

Lee Nichols, Hydrocarbon Processing

In October 2016, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) announced that it will implement a new regulation that calls for the sulfur content in marine fuels to be reduced from 3.5% to 0.5%.

Refining: Uncertainty grips South Africa’s Clean Fuels Program

Oirere, S., Contributing Editor

The planned upgrading of oil refineries in South Africa to produce Euro 5-specified fuels will likely take longer than initially anticipated.

Viewpoint: Operational excellence—The path to world-class performance

Murray, P., Petrotechnics

Why is operational excellence (OE) increasingly being recognized as the path to world-class performance?

Through the looking glass: How US EPA regulations are changing the way we visualize methane leaks

Yanai, O., Opgal

In mid-2016, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published Regulation 40 CFR, Part 60, Sub-part OOOOa, commonly known as QuadOa. This regulation has propelled optical gas imaging (OGI) firmly into the mainstream, and presents a major shift in the way fugitive emissions are regulated and the technologies that can be used.

Process safety incidents, cognitive biases and critical thinking

Baybutt, P., Primatech, Inc.

Process hazard analysis (PHA) is performed to identify possible hazard scenarios that may occur in a process.

Calculate gasoline RVP seasonal change giveaway economics

Barsamian, A., Curcio, L. E., Refinery Automation Institute, LLC

Despite high demand and depressed refining margins, the US is in the midst of a glut of gasoline. This predicament is causing a rush to convert summer gasoline into cheaper winter gasoline, in the hope that using cheap butane and higher Reid vapor pressure (RVP) specs will increase refining profits.