Park, S. I.

GS Engineering and Construction, Seoul, Korea

Sang-Il Park has a BS degree in chemical engineering from Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, and started his career as a separation column engineer at GS E&C in Seoul. He has 9 yr of experience with numerous EPC projects as a specialist on column and reactor internals for both grassroot applications and revamps. His interest in separation equipment spans from modeling and simulation to detail engineering for robust operations, as well as for easy maintenance.

Develop reactor internals for optimizing reactor design: High-performance vapor-liquid distributor

Ahn, E. S., Park, S. I., Song, I. C., Kim, G. B., Chang, G. S., GS Engineering and Construction

Vapor-liquid distributors are a crucial element of reactor internals for maximizing catalyst utilization of fixed-bed reactors.

Exploiting classic design heuristics for DWC design and optimization

Park, S. I., Lee, B. D., Shin, H. J., Kim, G. B., Chang, G. S., GS Engineering and Construction

The history of the refinery and petrochemical industry is filled with a variety of challenges, followed by the development of state-of-the-art technologies to overcome those hurdles. New legislation has required more environmentally friendly product specifications, while energy costs have kept rising.