Brashler, K.

Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Keith Brashler is a Pump Specialist in the Consulting Services Department for Saudi Aramco. He earned a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Washington State University. Brashler has 34 yr of rotating equipment experience in oil and gas, power generation, nuclear, and pulp and paper, with an emphasis on pump and system troubleshooting.

Hot oil pump warm-up system best practices and failure case study

Many industries utilize pumps in hot applications, including oil and gas facilities.

Vertically suspended molten sulfur pumping challenges and best practices

Brashler, K., Allah, W. K., Saudi Aramco

The objective of this article is to share industry experience related to the reliability challenges with vertically suspended molten sulfur pumps. Due to the operating temperatures and the unique chemical properties of sulfur, several operational and reliability challenges are inherently present across the industry.

Pump recycle line optimization and energy savings

The objective of this article is to demonstrate the benefits of optimizing the pumping system through pump recycle line evaluations.

Use infrared thermal imaging for pump system condition monitoring and early failure detection

Brashler, K., Alshahrani, Y., Saudi Aramco

Thermal imaging technology has evolved over the years, and investment costs have decreased significantly.

Resolving vibration problems in a crude booster pump

The pumps referred to in this article are 2,600-HP vertical pumps utilized as booster pumps for the shipment of crude oil.

High-energy pump balance line flow monitoring using ultrasonic flow measurements

Brashler, K., Saudi Aramco

The objective of this article is to demonstrate the value of utilizing portable or permanently mounted ultrasonic flow measurement technology to measure and monitor high-energy pump hydraulic balance line flow.

Preventing wire wooling journal bearing failure

Brashler, K., Saudi Aramco

This work details the operation of a 21,000-HP, five-stage barrel pump utilized for seawater injection service.

Troubleshooting the repetitive failure and shaft seizure of a hot oil circulation pump

The Shaybah NGL recovery plant has a single-stage, double-suction between bearings, radial-split design for hot oil circulation.