Kunte, V. A.

TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd., Mumbai, India

Vasant A. Kunte is senior general manager (chemical) at Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd. (TCE) in Mumbai, India. Mr. Vasant holds an MTech degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai. He has been with TCE for over 35 years, and has worked as a project engineer, specialist engineer, project manager, HAZOP study team leader, discipline head (chemical), quality coordinator and training manager. He has extensive experience in basic and detailed engineering of various refinery, petrochemicals and chemical projects. He has received training in conducting and leading HAZOP studies in a “HAZOP Study Leader’s Course” conducted by ICI UK and ICI India, and has led many HAZOP studies for more than 23 years in India and other countries. His areas of interest are safety and risk management, HAZID, HAZOP, SIL, QRA and other safety-related topics.

Safety in design during mechanical engineering

Kunte, V. A., Swami, S. S., TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd.

After a process engineer has completed preliminary documents such as process flow diagrams, material and energy balance, piping and instrumentation diagrams, equipment data sheets, process control philosophies, identifications of the hazardous nature of raw materials, chemicals, byproducts and final products, process equipment layout drawings (plans and elevations), unit plot plans, etc., these documents are issued to other disciplines to carry out further engineering.

Safety in design during I&C engineering

Kunte, V. A., Agarwal, S., TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd.

After process engineers complete their preliminary documents—process flow diagrams; material and energy balances; piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs); process control philosophy; identification of the hazardous nature of raw materials, chemicals, byproducts and final products; process equipment layout drawings (plan and elevation); and unit plot plans—those documents are issued to engineers of other disciplines.

Safety studies and the importance of closeout reports

Kunte, V. A., TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd.

In various types of process industries, processing, storage and transfer of large quantities of hazardous materials are inevitable.

Useful tips for a successful HAZOP study

Kunte, V. A., Sakthivel, S., TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd.

The products we use on a daily basis comprise a variety of chemicals.