Sanchez, M.

Technip Energies, Paris, France

Mathieu Sanchez has more than 15 yr of experience in advanced systems design and integration, deploying added-value solutions for energy industries including FLNG, refining and offshore platforms. He graduated in 2006 in process and chemical engineering from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure en Génie des Technologies Industrielles located in Pau, France, and started his professional journey at an automation company specializing in energy industries optimization. In 2012, Sanchez joined the Advanced Systems Engineering department of Technip Energies and serves as Lead Engineer of definition, development, implementation and commissioning of digital infrastructure and solutions used to enhance asset performance.

Digital Technologies: The benefits of homomorphic encryption: A technological enabler for digital services to operations

Rey, F., Sanchez, M., Technip Energies; Boudguiga, A., Université Paris-Saclay, CEA-List

Among the cryptographic technologies under development in various industries, homomorphic encryption (HE) possesses the attractive feature of allowing computation within the encrypted domain. Encrypted data cannot only be transferred and stored, but also used in the secure encrypted state.