HUG '17: Honeywell Process Solutions Users Group meeting

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) is holding media/analyst briefings each day of their Honeywell Users Group 2017 meeting. Vimal Kapur, HPS President, gave a brief overview and took questions for an hour.  Here are the key take-away points that he made:

  • HPS is offering “Last Migration” away from hardware-based distributed control to software
  • “Assurance 360” is a service offering that supports migration with no loss of control or of data
  • Now offering SCADA and Process Historian Data in a cloud—externally hosted or by customer
  • New “Risk Manager” provides tools to track deviation from agreed policies across plant systems
  • Honeywell’s new “Trace” tool tracks all changes made to any parameter in their control systems
  • “Connected Plant” is the name of Honeywell’s offering for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • “Connected Plant” includes connected equipment and connected people, not just the controls
  • Honeywell is supporting competency framework for connected plant, training their own techs
  • HPS has bought Nextnine cybersecurity; like with Matrikon, will continue to support competitors.

He concluded with the observation, for process plants, the highest cybersecurity risk is internal—either malcontent or accidental, rather than external attacks. For networked facilities, such as power generate and transmit, or financial institutions, external attacks have a cascading impact—less so, process plants.

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