Porocel and Inprocat join together

Porocel International and Integrated & Proven Catalyst Technologies (Inprocat) announced today that they have reached a definitive agreement to combine their forces into a joint venture to be called Quanta Technologies, LLC. 

This joint venture will provide advanced products and services to the petroleum refining industry, specifically in FCC catalysis, allowing refiners improved FCC yields and reduced catalyst consumption and waste by increased recovery.

Porocel has an established infrastructure with global manufacturing, catalyst services and sales/marketing that will be applied to leverage Inprocat’s proprietary Quanta technology.   Additionally, Porocel’s strength and experience in monetization of metal value from base metal catalysts will be utilized in the JV for potential recovery of rare earth value on FCC catatalysts. 

Dr. Quiñones will act as President and CEO of the new company.

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