Dow introducing specialty amine blend for treating natural gas

Dow Oil & Gas will officially introduce UCARSOL Shale H-100, a specialty amine blend designed specifically for treating natural gas from the Haynesville shale, at the Gas Processors Association (GPA) convention in San Antonio, Texas, taking place April 3-6. An extension of the UCARSOL line of specialty amines, UCARSOL Shale H-100 is a proprietary, ready-to-use blend designed to help efficiently process natural gas from the Haynesville shale formation in eastern Texas and western Louisiana. 
“This is the first in a series of new specialty amine blends Dow Oil & Gas is developing for the treatment of shale gas in North America,” said Craig Arnold, GM of Dow Oil & Gas.  “Treating gas from these regions requires specialized solutions that can meet the unique needs of the shale. Dow Oil & Gas has the market knowledge, chemistry expertise and advanced innovation to treat shale gas to specification, and thus help maximize value for our customers. With cost-effective, ready-to-use specialty amine treatments to help them efficiently process shale gas with no additives required, we can help our customers shape the energy landscape in the United States today.”
A specialty solvent, UCARSOL Shale H-100 requires no costly additives and has already been implemented successfully at 10 gas processing facilities. It can provide energy savings over competitive solvents with its reduced stripping requirement, as well as a reduced corrosion rate since it does not form carbon dioxide degradation products.
Dow Oil & Gas will feature UCARSO™ Shale H-100 at various events during the upcoming GPA convention. At the Early Bird reception during Vendor Night on Sunday, April 3, attendees are invited to stop by the Dow Oil & Gas booth and meet the technical service team. Dow Oil & Gas will also host a hospitality suite on April 4, where Dow personnel will be available to chat during an evening of music and entertainment.
For more information about UCARSOL Shale H-100 and other offerings from Dow Oil & Gas, please visit or come speak with us at the 90th Annual GPA Convention.

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