Open season begins for proposed Marcellus ethane pipeline

El Paso Corp. and Spectra Energy Corp. say that the Marcellus ethane pipeline system (MEPS) is holding a 30-day open season.  The open season is an effort to secure binding commitments from potential shippers that desire ethane transportation service from West Virginia and Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale supply areas to destination interconnect points with third party ethane pipelines or storage facilities in the Gulf Coast area. The MEPS project is being designed to transport up to 90,000 bpd and has an anticipated in-service date in the latter part of 2014. The open season began at 10:00 am on June 27 and will close at 5:00 pm on July 27.

In October 2010, El Paso Midstream Group and Spectra Energy Transmission announced that they were pursuing joint development of the MEPS project.  El Paso Midstream and Spectra Energy will each own a 50% interest in MEPS.

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