Colfax launches Total Lubrication Management unit

US-based fluid-handling products and technology firm Colfax launched a new business titled Total Lubrication Management, which it says will provide oil, gas and chemical processing facilities with a holistic approach to lubrication of rotating machinery.

The goal for the company is to create and implement site-specific lubrication programs that focus on areas which may provide the greatest opportunities to minimize repairs, lower operating costs, increase uptime and production and create a cleaner, greener facility, said general manager Ellen Donlin.

Part of Colfax Fluid Handling, the business brings the combined knowledge of global lubrication experts with innovative services and programs, plus equipment from Colfax brands such as Allweiler, Baric, Imo, LSC and Warren.

“At Colfax Total Lubrication Management, our team works with customers around the world to provide lubrication expertise and on-site support,” said Donlin.

“This is a customer-centric, solutions-based business that provides a complete spectrum of lubrication services. Customers can take advantage of all of them, or some of them. Our goal is to provide bottom-line improvements in operations, lower overall costs, and deliver an orderly, safe and clean lubrication system.”

Based in Houston, the company said it designs and establishes lubrication programs through a three-step program:

Monitor: a thorough assessment of a facility’s existing lubrication program, including interviews, inspections and program reviews. This results in a reliability roadmap that highlights the areas of significant opportunity for improvement and provides a detailed action plan for best practice implementation, along with expected ROI.

Maintain: a detailed plan for system lubrication points - plus preventive maintenance - that keeps the facility’s lubrication system clean and functional at all times. Through consistent analysis, action improvement plans are developed that can extend lubricant life. That reduces the need to replace lubricant, which saves money and enhances the facility’s commitment to the environment.

Optimize: a customized program to sustain the lubrication system in a highly efficient, green, safe manner. This includes a “best practices” program for storage, handling and disposal (including recycling) of all facility lubricants. It also includes rationalization, working to ensure that inventory meets demands, plus documenting performance improvements. It can include training for key personnel, the company said. Global capabilities helps assure that the lubricant procurement needs of our customers are met.

“This is not a one-size-fits-all approach,” Donlin said. “We are not predisposed to a certain technology or lubricant. It’s all about meeting the needs of individual customers. We offer them a long-term commitment, backed by the Colfax name. At the end of the day, our job is to keep our customers up and running so that they can focus on their core business.”

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