Dresser-Rand acquires parts supplier Synchrony

Rotating equipment and solutions supplier Dresser-Rand has closed on its previously-announced acquisition of Synchrony, for approximately $50 million net of cash acquired.

The agreement includes the potential for additional consideration of up to a maximum of $10 million tied to technical milestones and to business performance, the company said.

Synchrony is a technology development company with a portfolio of world-class technologies and products including active magnetic bearings (AMB), high speed motors and generators, and power electronics for clean, efficient, and reliable rotating machinery.

A private company founded in 1993, Synchrony is headquartered in Roanoke County, Virginia, where it develops, manufactures, and tests its products in an ISO 9001-certified facility that includes a best-in-class model shop for rapid prototype fabrication and assembly.

The agreement was first announced on December 7, 2011.

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