Enbridge probes possible US Gulf gas pipeline leak

Enbridge says it is investigating the report of a small natural gas leak in the West Cameron Block 275, approximately 66 miles off the coast of Louisiana in the US Gulf of Mexico.

A helicopter flyover was completed late Tuesday, and a three-foot diameter patch of bubbles has been spotted on the surface of the water in the vicinity of the Stingray natural gas pipeline.

"The Stingray Pipeline continues to operate under normal operating parameters at this time, in accordance with regulatory standards and guidelines, and we are in contact with regulatory authorities,” said Terrance L. McGill, senior vice president of natural gas operations and engineering for Enbridge.

“A dive boat has been dispatched to the location, and we will commence an investigative dive as soon as weather conditions permit,” he continued.

“If a leak is confirmed as a result of the diving activities, we will immediately begin repairs. We do not anticipate any potential business interruption to be material."

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