Axens technology chosen for linear alpha-olefins at Russia petrochemical project

ZAO Far East Petrochemical Company (FEPCO), which is implementing the NK Rosneft project of OJSC for the construction of petrochemical complex to be located in Primorsk region of Russia, has selected Axens’ AlphaButol and AlphaHexol technologies for the production of high-purity linear alpha-olefins.

It is expected that AlphaButol and AlphaHexol units with cumulating capacity of 50,000 tpy of linear alpha-olefins will be included in the complex, officials said.

AlphaButol will supply high purity 1-Butene by ethylene dimerization, while AlphaHexol will produce high purity 1-Hexene by ethylene trimerization.

Based on homogeneous catalysis and associated to a low investment cost, both technologies are designed and optimized to ensure a flexible and reliable source of co-monomers for downstream polyolefins applications.

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