Engineering firms DHV, Royal Haskoning to merge

Engineering consultancies DHV and Royal Haskoning have agreed to merge, with an expected closing date in mid-2012, the companies said on Tuesday.

The new company will be one of Europe’s leading independent project management, engineering and consultancy service providers and will rank globally in the top 10 of independently owned, non-listed companies and top 40 overall, officials said.

The intended name of the new company will be Royal Haskoning DHV, whereby for continuation of the Royal designation, a request will be submitted.

With its headquarters in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, the company’s 8,000 staff will provide services from more than 100 offices in over 35 countries.

Together, they deliver solutions to clients in planning and transport, delta and water technology, maritime, aviation, industry and energy and buildings.

The new combination will have a turnover in excess of €700 million, officials said.

“We are very excited about the opportunities for our clients and employees,” said Bertrand van Ee, chairman of DHV and designated chairman of the executive board of the new company. “This merger brings together an incredible pool of talent and immediately doubles our reach.”

Erik Oostwegel, chairman of Royal Haskoning and designated vice-chairman of the executive board of the new company, added: “The synergy between the two companies is enormous. We have worked together on projects before, but this is a whole new ball game.”

The merger realizes the ambitions of both founding companies to be an industry leader backed by a financially sound balance sheet, they said.

It accelerates their strategies for international expansion with combined knowledge and geographic bases in Europe, South Africa, Middle East and Asia.

The new company will be a global player in the maritime, water and delta technology markets and a major party in aviation, mobility and infrastructure, officials said.

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