KBR to process deep oils for Russian refiner TAIF

KBR said Tuesday it was awarded a contract by TAIF Group to provide licensing and engineering services for the Veba Combi Cracker (VCC) to be implemented at the Nizhnikamsk refinery in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

Under the terms of the contract, KBR will provide the license, basic engineering package (LBEP), and other services for TAIF’s VCC-based deep conversion complex.

The complex will process 2.7 million tpy of refinery vacuum residues, and 1.6 million tpy of distillates into petrochemical feedstocks and Euro 5 diesel, the company said.

This award marks the third VCC license, and KBR’s largest VCC project award since the acquisition of the rights to the technology in January 2010.

“KBR’s VCC technology is uniquely suited to process Russian crude derived residues and is an ideal solution for monetizing Russia’s large residue resource base” said John Derbyshire, president of KBR Technology.

“The VCC technology was selected after careful evaluation of the process and other available processing options,” said Albert Shigaboutdinov, general director of TAIF Group.

“The high-residue conversion and the finished product quality from the unit will significantly improve the economics of the TAIF- NK refinery,” he added.

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