Enbridge restarts US Midwest oil pipeline after spill


Enbridge said it fully restarted a Midwest oil pipeline Thursday morning that had been shut down last weekend after a car crash hit it, causing a fire and spill.

Line 64 was restarted early Thursday, an Enbridge spokeswoman said.

Line 64 is part of an Enbridge route that carries up to 318,000 bpd of oil from Superior, Wis. to Griffith, Ind.

The first section of the line, called Line 14, was restarted Tuesday.

Enbridge said the oil spilled was contained on its property in New Lenox, Ill., where a small exposed section of the underground pipe was hit by two cars.

The Calgary pipeline and energy infrastructure company said it wasn't able to estimate the amount of oil spilled, because oil was burned in a fire after the crash.

Two people died in the crash and three were taken to hospital to be treated for burn injuries.

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