NGVA Europe: one in three heavy vehicles to run on LNG by 2035

Dr. Manuel Lage, general manager and CEO at NGVA Europe, recently spoke about the future of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a vehicle fuel.

"LNG is opening the use of natural gas as an alternative fuel in long-distance road transport. But the interesting point is that there are no other alternatives. When you go for road transport, you use diesel or you use LNG. That's why it's becoming so important in the considerations, not only for the transport industry but also the European Union," Dr. Lage stated.

However, Dr. Lage noted that a "lack of infrastructure" is stopping LNG from being rolled out across Europe as the vehicle fuel of choice.

"In Europe, the development of LNG filling stations has been carried out by the fleet users because they are very aware of the economic interest of LNG against diesel. They converted the trucks, and they built their own filling stations."

Small-scale LNG has been experiencing considerable growth in recent years and is expected to become even more popular and important in the years to come.

A number of organizations are now investigating the business case, and are considering different ways of investing in and using LNG technology, Dr. Lage stated.

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