UOP, Ensyn venture wins sustainable biofuel award for conversion technology

Envergent Technologies, a joint venture of Honeywell’s UOP and Ensyn Corp., said Wednesday that it has been awarded an award in the category of sustainable biofuels for its contributions toward sustainable biopower generation facilities.

The award recognized Envergent’s RTP (rapid thermal processing) technology to convert biomass into renewable fuels that can be used in a variety of heat and power applications, Honeywell said.

RTP is the only commercially proven process of its kind and the only biomass conversion technology commercially operating today that produces a liquid biofuel that can directly replace petroleum-based fuel oil, officials said.

The award was presented in the category of sustainable biopower generation facility at the World Biofuels Markets, a leading event for the biofuels industry.

“As the demand for renewable fuels increases, Envergent is committed to innovation using sustainable resources and bringing relevant technology to the marketplace that will help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and improve our environmental footprint,” said Dave Cepla, managing director for Envergent Technologies.

“We are pleased to receive the Sustainable Biofuels Award, and we look forward to continuing our development of clean energy solutions,” he added.

UOP noted that it had received a $25 million award from the US Department of Energy to build an integrated biorefinery in Kapolei, Hawaii.

In 2011, it began construction of the demonstration unit, which will convert forest residuals, algae and other cellulosic biomass into pourable, liquid biofuel using RTP technology.

This liquid biofuel will then be upgraded to green transportation fuels using hydroprocessing technology from UOP.

Envergent Technologies is a joint venture of UOP and Ensyn that combines nearly 100 years of refining and process technology development from UOP and more than 25 years of commercial RTP experience from Ensyn Corp., the company says.

Envergent’s RTP technology is currently in use in seven commercial biomass processing plants in the US and Canada.

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