Momentive hikes global urethane additives capacity

Momentive Performance Materials said it recently completed a series of capacity expansions on urethane additives in China, India, Brazil and Belgium.

Urethane additives, such as surfactants, catalysts and process modifiers, are critical components in polyurethane foam production.

“Our global infrastructure for polyurethane additives has never been stronger,” said Tony Lanchak, a global business director for Momentive Performance Materials.

“With R&D and manufacturing capabilities in key regions and critical improvements in processes to make effective use of this new global capacity, we will continue to do what we do best - expanding our product offering and working closely with customers to address their specialized needs.”

In China, the company said it completed an expansion that enables increased urethane additive finished goods capacity at its Nantong plant facility.

Momentive is now producing key intermediates in Nantong, which will enable the use of local raw materials, the company says.

In India, Momentive says it phased in urethane additive production at a newly-expanded facility for manufacturing and application development in Chennai.

The company also upgraded its Brazil manufacturing facility to enable production of urethane additive finished goods, supported by an application development center, to complement existing production facilities in Itatiba.

And in Belgium, Momentive added capacity through improved processes at the Antwerp facility, with a resultant 20% increase in production.

The company did not specify how much the four expansions had increased its overall urethane additives capacity.

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