Bayer, Intergraph call for standardized piping in German chemical sector

Global software company Intergraph is teaming up with Bayer Technology Services to lobby for a standardized piping environment in the German chemical process industry, the companies said on Wednesday.

The standardized environment would include all piping disciplines, the firms said, aiming to provide consistent piping data on the basis of PAS and EN codes by using a professional management system.

Such a move would ensure crucial time savings and improved safety for all partners, the companies said.

Many well-known companies active in the respective industries have shown interest in the project and some of them have already agreed to the conditions in principle, Intergraph said.

"With new EN codes and improved, powerful 3D systems on the market, we feel that this agreement comes exactly at the right time,” said Gunter Mauss, vice president of Intergraph Process, Power & Marine.

“By creating this level of standardization, we are able to provide an environment that offers substantial benefits for all parties involved,” Mr. Mauss added.

“Workflows can be streamlined, purchasing costs can be reduced, and there is no need to re-invent the wheel with every project by creating new piping specifications. Intergraph is delighted to work with Bayer Technology Services on this important project."

Details on specific Intergraph software solutions to meet the standards can be found by clicking here.

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