Chevron chooses GE for compressor maintenance on Australia gas project

GE signed a $600 million, 22-year contractual services agreement with Chevron Australia to maintain the compressor trains and associated equipment at the Gorgon Project off the northwestern coast of Australia.

Under the agreement, the oil and gas division of GE will provide Chevron Australia with scheduled maintenance, access to resident engineers, monitoring and diagnostics of the installed equipment coupled with engineering analytics, plus a guarantee relating to continuity of production, officials said.

As part of this collaboration, GE also will manage inventory, supplying initial spare components.

The agreement will cover 22 years, with GE’s first contract performance manager scheduled to begin working in Perth in October 2012.

“This agreement confirms our capability to meet the growing demand of the oil and gas industry for continuous monitoring and diagnostics of installed equipment globally, and especially in areas that are becoming increasingly challenging from an environmental point of view,” said Dan Heintzelman, CEO of GE Oil & Gas.

“The underlying mega-trends of the oil and gas industry play to our strengths across the oil and gas value chain, and that’s why our customers look at us for long-term partnerships,” he added.

The new GE service and maintenance center in Jandakot, Perth, is expected to deliver 4,000 training days in 2013 for GE staff and employees of its customers, the company said.

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