Pemex awards reliability system work to Penspen

Engineering group Penspen signed a $1.2 million contract with a range of private and public companies and institutions to develop integrity policies and procedures for Mexican state-owned oil and gas company PEMEX.

The contract, which is set to last two years, is the first to be agreed since the opening of Penspen’s new Mexico City office this summer.

Under the terms of the agreement, Penspen says it will assist in the development of a plan for managing the integrity and reliability of transmission pipelines, gathering pipelines, onshore pipelines, offshore pipelines, storage terminals and maritime terminals.

In addition, the company will provide training related to pipeline integrity/risk assessment, review the current Mexican pipeline integrity management plan, and give input into discussions on ‘best’ risk assessment methods, integrity evaluations, response to evaluations, and evaluation of compliance.

The project is expected to start this month.

As part of the project, Penspen is working in collaboration with Corrosión y Protección SA. (CPI) to deliver integrity consultancy and training services to Universidad Autónoma de Campeche, it said.

In addition, SENER (National Secretariat of Energy) and CONACYT (National Science and Technology Council) are providing research and development services.

CPI is also working together with CONACYT to develop a unified system for the reliability and integrity management of the Pemex logistics process, it said.

Other organizations to sign the deal include the National Council of Science and Technology (SENER-CONACYT), construction company CPI, the Southwest Research Institute (SWRI), the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and Campeche and Texas universities.

“PEMEX is a major oil and gas company, and like all majors, they must constantly seek to improve both safety and performance,” said Phil Hopkins, Penspen technical director.

“This project will give PEMEX the procedures, strategies, and know-how to achieve both these goals. Penspen’s UK and Mexican teams are all looking forward to the technical challenges this project brings, and working with such a prestigious group of companies.”

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