Dow unveils new elastomers project for US Gulf

Dow Chemical said Wednesday it plans to build a new world-scale plant for the production of metallocene ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), sold under the trademark of NORDEL IP Hydrocarbon Rubber.

The new facility, when operational in 2016, will set the standard in cost effectiveness and production efficiencies by incorporating the use of Dow’s newest proprietary catalyst technology and leveraging the production advantages of Dow’s large-scale, integrated solution process, the company said.

The manufacturing site will be located on the US Gulf Coast, where the company says it is currently assessing location options.

Dow says the production facility will leverage its investment plan to increase ethylene and propylene production in the US Gulf Coast and will connect US operations into feedstock opportunities available from increasing supplies of US shale gas.

“NORDEL IP will continue to be a strategic part of the Dow elastomers portfolio both now and into the future,” said Kim Ann Mink, business president for Dow within elastomers, electrical and telecommunications.

“The new world-scale facility will position Dow to meet the increasing global demand for EPDM through next-generation technology that produces a broader offering including high mooney viscosity products with enhanced quality,” she continued.

“From automotive and building and construction to wire and cable markets, we will maintain Dow’s cost competitive position through the implementation of technology efficiencies and leveraging large, integrated sites.”

End-use applications for NORDEL IP include automotive weather-stripping, automotive hoses and belts, building profiles, roofing membranes, footwear and general rubber products.

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