DuPont acquires KVT wet gas sulfuric acid process

DuPont subsidiary MECS acquired 100% of the intellectual property and technology related to the SULFOX wet gas sulfuric acid process from KVT, a joint venture partner since 2009, company officials said Friday.

“The acquisition of the SULFOX technology demonstrates our commitment to the wet gas marketplace, where we have had success in recent years through the MECS-SULFOX bvba joint venture,” said Garrett Palmquist, global business leader for clean technologies at DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

“As of today, we are currently executing multiple projects with feed gas sources ranging from coal gasification to viscose production to nonferrous metallurgical off-gas processing," he continued.

"Going forward, we are committed to improvement of the SULFOX technology and life-long support of our customers to add even more value to our customer's installations."

MECS describes itself as a leader in the design of sulfuric acid plants and related high-performance products for the phosphate fertilizer, oil refining and metal smelting industries.

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