Galata Chemicals opens India technical center for plastics additives R&D

Galata Chemicals held a grand opening for its newest technical center in Navi Mumbai, India, the company said on Friday. 

“Galata Chemicals is committed to investing in technology and bringing innovative solutions to our customers in the region,” said Steven McKeown, president and chief operating officer of Galata Chemicals.

The technical center offers a full range of analytical and testing capabilities in support of product and application development efforts as well as marketing and technical service for the area customers, according to Dr. Peter Frenkel, global director of technology and innovation for Galata.

Frenkel added that the center is focused on providing high quality, reliable and innovative products for customers in the India region, building on the company's established products and technologies.

Dr. Anand P. Gokhale, an experienced scientist with a proven record of product development and market introduction in the field of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) additives, was named director of research and development to coordinate technical activities at the center.

“This is another step taken to strengthen our technical capabilities, having recently expanded our technical center in the United States and having added technical staff globally," said McKeown. 

"The company is continuing to recruit talented scientists and is making ongoing investments in innovative products such as our new Mark heat stabilizers and Drapex Alpha bio-based primary plasticizers,” said McKeown.

Galata's line of plastics additives includes mixed metal heat stabilizers, organotin heat stabilizers, epoxidized soybean oil, polymer modifiers, tin catalysts and bio-based plasticizers.

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