Emerson unveils valve, instrument recycling plan

Emerson Process Management is offering a cash-back valve and instrument recycling program through its instrument and valve services business, the company said on Tuesday.

The new recycling program gives plant sites with a control valve boneyard greater residual value for used or inoperable control equipment.

Using bins provided by Emerson, the recycling effort provides free pick up and shipment from the plant site to the Instruments & Valve Services recycle center, rapid evaluation of valve and instrument cores, and prompt payment with an itemized transaction report.

The recycling program provides greater return on original investment than traditional scrapping practices, according to the company. It also helps prevent unnecessary waste of potentially useful materials.

The program focuses on Fisher control valves and Rosemount instruments. But to keep recycling efforts seamless and simple, Emerson is accepting non-Fisher valves as well, the company says.

The recycling program is accessible through the network of North American Emerson local business partners.

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