Advanced Refining to sell hydrocracking catalysts for Chevron Lummus

Advanced Refining Technologies (ART) signed an agreement with Chevron Lummus Global (CLG) regarding hydrocracking and lubes hydroprocessing catalysts, the companies confirmed on Friday.

Under this agreement, ART will have the exclusive right to sell CLG's hydrocracking and lubes hydroprocessing catalysts to CLG's licensees and other petroleum refiners for unit refills.

The agreement will streamline hydroprocessing catalyst supply and improve technical service for refining customers by establishing ART as the single point of contact for all their hydroprocessing catalyst needs, according to the companies.

ART is a joint venture between subsidiaries of WR Grace and Chevron, while CLG is a joint venture between a subsidiary of Chevron and CB&I’s Lummus Technology group.

"We are pleased to add hydrocracking and lubes hydroprocessing catalysts to our current product portfolio," said Scott Purnell, managing director of ART.

"CLG's ISOCRACKING, ISOTREATING, ISODEWAXING, and ISOFINISHING catalysts are proven products that will help our refining customers improve quality and yield," he added. "With this new agreement, all of our customers’ hydroprocessing catalyst needs can be provided through a single point of contact."

Under the deal, ART will be the global provider for hydrocracking and lubes hydroprocessing catalysts, while CLG will continue to focus on its world-class technology development, licensing, design, and revamp of hydrocracking, lubricant base oil, resid hydrotreating, and resid hydrocracking plants globally.

Both ART and CLG customers will continue to have access to the depth of Chevron technical service and hydroprocessing operating expertise, the companies said.

"We continually invest to provide our licensees with world-class process technology, catalysts and support services," said Leon de Bruyn, managing director of Chevron Lummus. 

"This agreement represents a unique combination of ART's well-established portfolio of hydrotreating catalysts, extensive sales network and manufacturing expertise, together with our hydrocracking and lubes hydroprocessing catalyst technologies, and engineering and technical know-how. It will allow our customers to receive broader service and more advanced catalyst materials, and will improve the competitiveness and profitability of their refineries.”

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