BASF to supply FCC catalysts for Shell refineries

BASF and Shell have entered into a three-year agreement under which BASF will supply fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts to Shell’s global refining network, the companies said on Thursday. 

This enhanced relationship agreement also includes collaborative activities designed to accelerate the introduction of new FCC catalyst technologies, according to company officials.

BASF says the arrangement will ensure that Shell has the most advantageous FCC catalysts in its operations at all times.

Additionally, BASF plans to leverage its global network of FCC expertise to provide technical service, continually optimizing Shell’s unit operations.

“BASF is excited with the opportunity to deepen our relationship and increase our development synergies with Shell through this three-year strategic agreement,” said Herbert Exner, BASF vice president for refining catalysts.

“The agreement further strengthens BASF’s innovation potential by providing state-of-the-art FCC products and technical service.”

BASF says it is currently one of the top three producers of FCC catalysts worldwide and leads the market in the US.

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