Wood Group wins maintenance work from Caltex for two Australian refineries

Wood Group has secured a contract extension from Caltex Australia to deliver integrated maintenance services at its two Australian refineries, the companies said on Monday.
The refineries in the deal are Lytton in Brisbane and Kurnell in Sydney.

Effective from June 2013, the $45 million, 18-month contract marks the continuation of a three-year contract first awarded to Wood Group in 2010, according to company officials.

Providing maintenance management, mechanical and support services to the Caltex refineries, Wood Group employs more than 200 people at both sites.

"We have been able to deliver tangible maintenance performance improvements across both refineries since this contract was awarded, and this extension is testament to Caltex's confidence in [Wood Group]," said Matt Gavin, Wood Group managing director for Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. 

"It also further cements our credentials as a leading industrial maintenance service provider in Australia," he continued. "Our key successes on this contract include a marked reduction in the backlog of maintenance work, significant improvement in maintenance compliance, and a pleasing increase in scheduled work delivery.

"This has translated to improved reliability and performance at both sites and will hopefully help Caltex achieve its goal of becoming a top quartile performer for maintenance and reliability when compared to other refineries in the Asia Pacific region.

Wood Group said promoting a strong safety culture at both Lytton and Kurnell has also been a priority.

"Wood Group PSN has worked closely with Caltex to help deliver measurable improvements in reliability and has been an important partner in driving improved safety outcomes at both locations," said Gary Smith, general manager of refining and supply at Caltex.

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