Crosstex to build Louisiana NGL fractionation unit, picks UOP technology

Honeywell's UOP will provide midstream services firm Crosstex with its UOP Russell deethanizer and depropanizer fractionators that are capable of handling a 100,000 bpd mixed natural gas liquids stream for the extraction of ethane and propane, the company said late Tuesday. 

The equipment will be installed at the Crosstex facility in Plaquemine, La., with startup scheduled for 2014.

Under the deal, UOP will build and install the UOP Russell fractionation equipment that is designed to extract ethane and propane -- highly in demand as petrochemical feedstocks for producing ethylene and propylene, two building blocks for plastics -- from mixed natural gas liquid streams.

UOP says it will provide Crosstex with a full turn-key solution that includes on-site installation and start-up services for the UOP Russell equipment as well as other related equipment and infrastructure.

"UOP is committed to providing efficient technologies that support the continued growth of shale gas processing and that enable producers to profitably fractionate individual NGL components from mixed natural gas liquid streams," said Rebecca Liebert, vice president and general manager for gas processing and hydrogen at UOP.

"UOP Russell modular equipment allows producers to upgrade their NGLs into valuable energy products and petrochemical feedstocks with reduced field construction time and lower overall cost," she added.

Following UOP's 2012 purchase of a majority stake in Thomas Russell Co., the UOP Russell product line offers technologies that allow shale and conventional natural gas producers to remove contaminants from natural gas and recover high-value NGLs, according to the company.

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