Honeywell launches Singapore automation hub

Honeywell on Friday inaugurated a new automation solution center (ASC) in Singapore as a part of its global deployment of demonstration hubs around the world.

Designed to showcase Honeywell Process Solutions’ technologies to customers and partners in the Asia Pacific region, the company says the new center will help customers appreciate how Honeywell technologies can improve their operational safety, reliability and efficiency.

The award winning Experion process knowledge system and the next generation Experion Orion will be amongst the Honeywell control and safety systems showcased in this facility.

“Our customers face an intensely competitive global environment and the establishment of this centre will help them to understand and deploy key technologies that can enhance their competitiveness,” said Leong Hon Mun, sales director in South East Asia for Honeywell Process Solutions.

“Honeywell’s solutions can help reduce risks during project pre-deployment and improve bottom-line performance during operations. We are pleased to make this investment as part of Honeywell’s commitment to the Asia Pacific region.”

The ASC is equipped to showcase advanced Honeywell technologies such as Virtualization and Universal I/O. These technologies allow customers to build control strategies in a Honeywell-equipped project center and check them prior to putting equipment on the ground.

Honeywell says that virtualization reduces equipment lifecycle costs for customers. For example, a 30-node system of operator stations, engineering stations and servers can be consolidated down to just five virtual machine servers in a secured cabinet.

“This is an 80% reduction in maintenance, space, energy use – and better security is achieved as well,” said Leong. 

Meanwhile, the deployment of Universal I/O results in significantly lower project costs and risks for customers, Honeywell says.

The solutions hub also showcases other key Honeywell technologies, such as open field networks, operator training simulators, advanced process control, optimization, supply chain management and manufacturing execution systems, providing a mix of virtual and physical experiences for customers.

This Singapore-based center also supports field demo units deployed in each of the Asia Pacific countries. These units provide virtual demonstrations at customer sites by leveraging the servers in the center through cloud technologies.

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