Pemex picks Spanish companies to build Mexican refinery cogeneration plant

Pemex Refinación, the refining arm of Mexico's Pemex, selected a consortium comprised of SENER and the industrial division of Obrascón Huarte Lain for a turnkey project to build a 35 MW cogeneration plant in its Francisco I Madero oil refinery, located in the state of Tamaulipas.

Pemex said it chose the companies for their extensive experience in the industrial plant construction sector, in which both firms have built a strong portfolio of projects in Latin America, Europe and Africa.

The future facility will be equipped with a heavy-duty type gas turbine as well as with a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), with supplementary combustion associated to the gas turbine, which will generate 115 t/h of steam at a pressure of 19 kg/cm² and 275 º C.

This steam will be used within the refinery in the production process of the new gasoline and diesel desulfurization plants.

The other auxiliary equipment needed by the plant will include a natural gas measuring and control station, a system of air compressors for instrumentation and in-plant use, a continuous drain recovery system and a treated water cooling system, among other systems, as well as interconnections with the refinery.

SENER and the industrial division of Obrascón Huarte Lain will manage the project in full coordination in a joint venture structure, in which there is a no division of responsibilities for each company.

SENER said it specializes in turnkey projects in cogeneration plant construction, a sector in which it has carried out numerous projects both in Spain and Latin America.

In Mexico, SENER presently carries out turnkey contracts for the construction of two cogeneration plants in the state of Veracruz: the Alpek plant for Temex and a second one with Obrascón Huarte Lain.

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