Diesel leaks from Marathon pipeline in Indianapolis


At least 230 barrels of diesel fuel have leaked from a Marathon Petroleum pipeline in an industrial area of Indianapolis, Indiana, the company said Friday.

The leak in the eight-inch pipeline was discovered about 4:45 a.m. on Friday, said Marathon spokesman Shane Pochard.

The pipeline wasn't flowing at the time of the leak due to a lull in market demand, Mr. Pochard said, but it was still pressurized with diesel in it. It is believed the leak occurred slowly over time and wasn't due to a sudden break or external forces, he said.

Some of the diesel flowed into a nearby flood-control detention pond but doesn't appear to have reached any other waterways and isn't near residential developments, Mr. Pochard said.

The pipeline is part of Marathon's Rio System, which runs from the company's Robinson refinery in Illinois to a storage tank farm in Lima, Ohio.

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