Enbridge offers online training to first responders on pipeline emergencies

Enbridge on Wednesday launched an online portal to offer free, customized pipeline emergency training to first responder organizations located along Enbridge's more than 50,000 miles of onshore pipelines comprising several pipeline networks in the US and Canada.

The program material is based on Pipeline Emergencies, an industry-leading pipeline emergency response training program developed by the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM).

The NASFM materials were adapted to provide information specific to pipelines operated by Enbridge.

"While our overarching goal continues to be zero incidents, Enbridge believes that, as prudent pipeline operators and responsible neighbors, we must take the extra step to reach out to emergency response organizations located near our North American pipelines to offer specific information about the products we transport and the most effective tactics for responding to a pipeline emergency," said Steve Wuori, president of Enbridge Liquids Pipelines.

The online training program features 3-D, interactive graphics to help first responders better visualize response to pipeline incidents. Content includes the basics of natural gas and crude oil pipeline operations, how to safely handle products transported by pipelines, including those operated by Enbridge, pipeline emergency response tactics and pipeline emergency scenarios.

"The real value of the Enbridge online pipeline emergency training, which is provided at no cost to emergency responders, is that it provides relevant, accurate information about all pipelines as well as specific information about the products transported in Enbridge's natural gas, crude oil and gas liquids pipelines," said Mark Maki, president of Enbridge Energy Partners.

Since December 2012, more than 8,000 emergency response agencies in the US and Canada have been provided with access to the online program. Additionally, in 2013, Enbridge will roll-out an in-person outreach component of the program targeting 911 dispatch centers covering the areas in which the company operates, as well as fire departments in close proximity.

As of April 19, 438 emergency responders, Enbridge employees, and other interested parties have registered to access the online training, according to the company, with 186 having completed the training.

"The National Association of State Fire Marshals is pleased to work with Enbridge and the pipeline industry to provide responders with the knowledge they need to be safe when responding to a pipeline incident," said Philip Oakes, natiuonal program director and trainer for the NASFM.

"Thanks to Enbridge's commitment to safety and the use of the best-in-class pipeline emergencies curriculum, responders have the information and training needed to be prepared for such an event," he added.

Information on accessing the training program can be obtained by sending an email to USpublicawareness@enbridge.com or Cdnpublicawareness@enbridge.com. More information about Enbridge's outreach to emergency responders can be found at the company's website.

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