Enbridge reports crude oil leak at Cushing terminal


Enbridge Energy Partners reported that it is working to clean up 2,500 bbl of oil that leaked from a pipeline at its Cushing terminal.

In a filing with the United States Coast Guard's National Response Center (NRC), the company reported that a trunk line hooked up to a storage tank leaked crude oil. The oil migrated beyond a barrier and was settling into a containment pond. The cause of the leak was unknown, according to the report, which was made public.

The company said the line would be sealed, dug up, and replaced.

In a statement, Enbridge spokeswoman Terri Larson said personnel discovered the leak at 2 pm last week end. The oil that was released is being held within "containment structures" at the terminal, and other operations are normal, Ms. Larson wrote in an email.

"The failed trunk line and the associated tank have been isolated, and additional containment measures are underway to prevent any further migration of the oil within the terminal containment system," Ms. Larson said. "All of the released oil is contained within the Enbridge terminal, and the cause of the failure is under investigation."

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