Marathon cleans up diesel spill at Indiana pipeline


Cleanup is currently under way in Indianapolis after about 500 bbl of diesel fuel leaked there from a Marathon Petroleum pipeline last week, a company spokeswoman said.

The "vast majority" of product has been recovered, and the affected section of pipe has been cut out and sent for testing to determine what caused the breach, Marathon Petroleum spokeswoman Sid Barth said.

The leak in the eight-inch pipeline, which runs from the company's Robinson III. refinery to a terminal in Lima, Ohio, was reported to the company. The line wasn't active at the time, Ms. Barth said.

Ms. Barth also said a crude oil pipeline, which runs from Wood River to Patoka III., leaked about two gallons of crude and about 2,500 bbl of water while it was being tested during routine maintenance over the weekend.

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